Property & Project Investments

We consult on matters from basic property transactions to purchasing and investing in the property sector by foreigners. Our Associates also venture into the challenging arena of construction and project management from housing development to construction of highway infrastructure. In this arena, we represent concession holders in various negotiations with government bodies as well as investors and contractors.

We offer a full suite of services including handling the contentious aspects of this work which may involve litigation, arbitration and/or mediation.


Banking Securities & Financial Services

Working for our clients to find financial solutions is exciting and business sector gives us the strategic edge in developing the desired package to fulfill client needs.

Our experience in this quarter covers handling matters in Banking and Financial Services, Debt Settlement & Restructuring Due Diligence exercise for bank mergers as well as various commercial and financial loan transactions. We offer advisory services to numerous foreign investors to meet local banking procedures and to secure financing for their various projects in Malaysia.

We deal with various contentious banking litigation matters for and against the bank.


Commercial & Corporate Transactions

There is much opportunity for investment in Malaysia. The Firm offers a wide range of services for foreign investors here. We have the resources and acquired market intelligence to walk investors thought the hurdles of regulatory requirements for foreign concerns including the formation of business and securing of relevant approvals.

KHRL is also part of the advisory board for numerous Malaysian companies that intends, or are investing in other countries (Korea, China, Taiwan, Philippines, India and Australia, to name a few).


Intellectual Property Rights & Information Technology

The emergence of intellectual property rights and the reality of the global arena brings with it cross-boarder considerations and related sensitivities. Securing the right cover and protection of information technology & intellectual property is a major business concern. Our Associates can offer practical solutions tailored to client needs. We focus not only on securing these rights from a legal perspective, but also from the standpoint of a viable business angel. Our clientele include both parties within as well as foreign businesses.



The Global proliferation of business requires the need to ensure prudent cover and protection. Our hands-on experience and wide knowledge in local and cross-boarder requirements is comforting security for our clientele. Our advisory counter is a knowledge centre for foreign clients on insurance cover, both personal and corporate. We sift through the plethora of available insurance cover and find the right match that fits, be it personal or business coverage.

On practical application, KHRL handles insurance claims on behalf of client including contentious litigation cases from personal injury claims to damage to business and property.


Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) is an expanding new area that can optimize business potential by acquiring strategic competencies. We offer a range of services in M & A from conducting legal due diligence preparation of agreements, and obtaining relevant regulatory approval.

Consulting includes assisting in matters pertaining to employment, intellectual property rights, and property transfer and equity investment. As a total package, we offer advice on foreign participation and regulatory guidelines governing the same fro investments and takeovers.


Projects & Financing

We offer a conclusive link to a directory of clients with viable projects who are seeking strategic partners and investors for mutually beneficial business. We undertake background validation of potential partners and investors and advise our clients on the most effective way to structure their projects and investments. We hand-hold projects with our clients from negotiations to the final formation of the strategic alliance. We are aptly geared to mediate settlements in the course of projects and handle litigation matters that may arise.

We offer a one-stop supply chain of strategic services that relieve the client of situational formality and create confidence and continuity in the development and progress of the client’s project(s).